Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms #1

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Hello Readers, vocabulary synonyms antonyms for SBI PO pre & mains SSC CGL CPO  ! If you are preparing for SBI PO Mains 2017, you need to have an impeccable vocabulary. Apart from knowing various words and their meanings, you should be aware of their synonymsantonyms, usage, etc

Explore the world of vocabulary synonyms antonyms . … general vocabulary is of utmost importance. … you form a background on the word, making it easier to guess its vocabulary synonyms antonyms.



1 Word Agrarian (adjective):
Meaning Relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land.
Synonym Agricultural, Natural, Peasant, Rustic, Uncultivated, Predial
Antonym Industrial.
Sentence An agrarian college prepares men and women for careers in land cultivation
2 Word Vagary (noun):
Meaning An erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestation, action, or notion
Synonym Quirk, Idiosyncrasy, Peculiarity, Oddity, Eccentricity, Unpredictability
Antonym Normality.
Sentence The vagary of the economy plays a role in the fixing of the interest rates.
3 Word Alibi (noun):
Meaning An excuse for not being or doing something./ a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something.
Synonym Absenteeism, Excuse, Justification, Non Appearance
Antonym Presence, Active, Existence, Attendance
Sentence The detective sought to find a hole in the convicted felon’s alibi
4 Word Farfetched (adjective):
Meaning Unlikely and unconvincing
Synonym : Improbable, Unlikely, Implausible, Scarcely Credible, Difficult To Believe, Dubious, Doubtful, Unconvincing, Incredible
Antonym Believable, Likely, Normal, Plausible, Probable
Sentence Melissa’s farfetched design for a flying bicycle didn’t get very far with the investors.
5 Word Irrational (adjective):
Meaning Not logical or reasonable
Synonym Unreasonable, Illogical, Groundless, Baseless, Unfounded, Unjustifiable
Antonym Logical, Rational, Sane, Reasonable
Sentence My irrational horror of heights prevents me from flying.
6 Word Misery (noun):
Meaning A state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort
Synonym : Unhappiness, Distress, Wretchedness, Hardship, Suffering, Affliction, Anguish, Angst.
Antonym : Cheer, Comfort, Contentment, Happiness
Sentence The war brought misery to thousands of refugees
7 Word Stringent (adjective):
Meaning ): Strict, precise, and exacting
Synonym Strict, Rigid, Severe, Harsh, Tight, Inflexible
Antonym Flexible, Amenable, Lenient, Gentle, Mild, Easy
Sentence When Martha was overweight, her doctor put her on stringent diet that left her feeling hungry all the time
8 Word Trite (adjective):
Meaning Lacking originality or freshness; dull on account of overuse
Synonym Hackneyed, Banal, Cliched, Platitudinous, Vapid
Antonym : Fresh, New, Original, Impressive
Sentence At parties, I tend to avoid trite conversations because they are dull and do not reveal any new information
9 Word Astute (adjective):
Meaning Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage
Synonym , Acute, Ingenious, Clever, Intelligent, Bright, Brilliant, Smart.
Antonym : Foolish, Idiot, Inept, Naïve, Stupid, Asinine
Sentence The astute businessman went from rags to riches with one great idea
10 Word Renege (Verb)
Meaning go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract
Synonym revoke , recant , repudiate
Antonym  Fullfill , promise , support
Sentence The property buyers will be sued if they renege on The terms of The contract