Prepositions- English Grammar

Prepositions- English Grammar

Prepositions- English Grammar


English Grammar Short notes about Prepositions

Prepositions of Time / Place at, in, on.

  • At for a PRECISE TIME
  • On for DAYS and Dates
At In On
At 4:30 pm in March on Monday
At 3 o’clock In Winter On 6 March
At noon In the summer On 22 Dec.2012
At dinnertime In 1990 On Christmas Day
At bedtime In the next century On your birthday
At the moment In the future On New Year’s Eve

Other Important Prepositions: –

Prepositions use Example
during while in during the film,during the war, during my stay
for for two days, for an hour
from / to from Saturday to Monday, from 5 to 9
between the time period from one to another between 1986 and 2012, between Saturday and Monday
until/till before a certain time until/till Sunday,5 o’clock
by at the least by Tuesday, by next month, by tomorrow
to movement towards to school, to work, to the station
into movement towards inside something into the cinema, into the car
out of to leave a place/a thing out of the cinema,out of the car
by near/next to/beside LINK stand by me, by the lake
through through the tunnel, through the room
across opposite ends across the river, across the street
against against the wall, against the door
into movement towards inside something into the cinema, into the car


accompanied with anything having no life
accompanied by anything having life
agree with a person
agree to a proposal or plan
agree upon a point
agree on a course
adapted to a thing
adapted for a course, because of one’s nature
adapted from an author
angry at a thing
angry with a person
apply for a position or for something
apply to a person
compare with to bring out similar qualities
compare to without analysing
confer on meaning to give to
confer with meaning to talk to
correspond to a thing, denoting similarity
correspond with meaning to write to
confide in meaning to put faith in
confide to meaning to commit to one’s keeping
dependent on a person
employed at a certain place or salary
employed for a purpose
employed in an organisation
employed by a certain person
liable for debts
liable to authority
proceed to a place
proceed with a matter begun
wait at a place
wait for a person
wait on a customer 





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