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Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #96

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If you are doing preparation for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams, come to us regularly. COMPUTER Gk  for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, LIC AO, haryana police, gram sachiv, clerk, canal patwari, HPSC etc. ।Computer General Knowledge  Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and current affairs ।. । haryana Samanyagyan ।

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #96

Q1901. What is the file extension of MS – Word 2003 document:
a) Dom
b) Txt
c) Doc√
d) None of The Above
Q1902. What is the purpose of headers and footers used in document:
a) To enhance the overall appearance of the document
b) To mark the starting and ending of a page
c) To allow page headers and footers to appear on document when it is printed√
d) None of The Above
Q1903. Which among the following short cut key is used to check spelling:
a) F2
b) F1
c) F7√
d) None of The Above
Q1904. Purpose of Ctrl + B shortcut key in MS – Word is:
a) It converts selected text into the next larger size of the same font.
b) It adds a line break to the document.
c) It makes the selected text bold. √
d) None of The Above
Q1905. The minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have, is:
a) Zero
b) 1 Row and 1 Column√
c) 1 Row and 2 Columns
d) None of The Above
Q1906. A bookmark is an item or location in document that you identify and name
for future references. The task accomplished by using bookmarks is:
a) To quickly jump to a specific location in the document. √
b) To add pics only
c) To mark the ending of a page of document
d) None of The Above
Q1907. What is the use of sections in a word document:
a) To divide the document into parts so that each part may be independently printed when the
print command is given.
b) To divide the document into parts so as to allow certain parts of the document to display data
from a table.
c) To vary the layout of a document within a page or between pages by dividing the
document into parts and then allow formatting of each part the way you want. √
d) None of The Above
Q1908. Which among the following print commands should be selected to print first
5 pages of document:
a) Page Setup
b) Print All
c) From ___to ____√
d) None of The Above
Q1909. Word Perfect and Professional Write are examples of:
a) Word Processors√
b) Spreadsheets
c) Presentations
d) None of The Above
Q1910. What input devices do you have to work with when you work in MS Word:
a) Keyboard Only
b) Both Mouse and Keyboard√
c) Plotter
d) None of The Above
Q1911. In MS – Word every command is available in:
a) Printer
b) Menu√
c) Letter
d) None of The Above
Q1912. Which among the following views in MS-Word can not display graphics:
Printer Preview
b) Page Layout View
c) Normal View√
d) None of The Above
Q1913. Background color or picture is applied from ____:
a) Insert√
b) Edit
c) Format
d) None of The Above
Q1914. What is an Excel:
a) A Graphic Program
b) A Spreadsheet√
c) A Presentation Software
d) None of The Above
Questions for IBPS Exams
Q1915. MS Power Point was officially launched on:
a) May 22, 1990√
b) May 25, 1990
c) May 27, 1990
d) None of These
Q1916. Power Point was officially launched on May 22, 1990 the same day that Microsoft released
which of the following windows:
a) Window 4.0
b) Windows 3.0√
c) Window 1.0
d) None of These
Q1917. Slides may contain:
a) Text and Graphics Only
b) Sound and Movies Only
c) Text, Movies, Images, Sound Only and all other objects
d) All of the Above√
e) None of These
Q1918. Presentations password protected for opening or modifying can be opened by:
a) Power Point Analyzer
b) Power Point Viewer√
c) Power Point Conductor
d) None of These
Q1919.For ‘Maximize Power Point application window’ you have to press:
a) Ctrl + Shift + F10
b) Shift + F10
c) Alt + F10√
d) None of These
Q1920. For ‘open existing presentation’ you have to press:
a) Ctrl + N
b) Ctrl + O√
c) Ctrl + K
d) None of These

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