Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #87

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #87

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If you are doing preparation for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams, come to us regularly. COMPUTER Gk  for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, LIC AO, haryana police, gram sachiv, clerk, canal patwari, HPSC etc. ।Computer General Knowledge  Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and current affairs ।. । haryana Samanyagyan ।

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #87

Q1721. In May 1997 an IBM super computer called ______defeated world chess
champion Gary Kasparov in a chess match:
a) Syntax Blue
b) Deep Blue√
c) Blue Stan
d) None of These
Q1722. Which among the following is necessary for General Intelligence (in
computer language):
a) Artificial Consciousness
b) Artificial Brain
c) Both of Above√
d) None of These
Q1723. Computers Contains IQ???
a) Yes
b) No√
c) None of These
Q1724. Which among the following definitions are correct:
a) Epistemology – It is a study of the kinds of knowledge that are required for solving problems
in the world
b) Ontology – It is the study of the kinds of things that exist. In AI, the programs and sentences
deal with various kinds of objects, and we study what these kinds are and what their basic
properties are. Emphasis on ontology begins in the 1990s.
c) Both of Above√
d) None of These
Q1725. A _____is defined as “some sort of hardware architecture or software
framework (including application frameworks), that allows software to run:
a) Antalogy
b) Platforms√
c) Toylogy
d) None of These
Q1726. ______argues that “artificial intelligence is the next stage in evolution”:
a) Edward Fredkin√
b) George Dyson
c) Nikeal Dyano
d) None of These
Q1727. Which among the following is correct about ”Intelligent Agent”:
a) It is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions which maximize its chances of
b) The simplest intelligent agents are programs that solve specific problems
c) More complicated agents include human beings and organizations of human beings (such as
d) None of These
e) All of the Above√
Q1728. The intelligent agent paradigm became widely acceptable during the period of
a) 1980s
b) 1990s√
c) 1960s
d) None of These
Q1729. Artificial Intelligence consists of:
a) Theoretical Side
b) Experimental Side
c) Both of Above√
d) None of These
Q1730. The number of atomic facts that are average person knows is astronomical.
Research projects that attempt to build a complete knowledge base of ______:
a) Commonsense Knowledge√
b) General Awareness
c) Static Knowlege
d) None of These
Q1731. Long term goals for Artificial Intelligence is:
a) Social Intelligence
b) Creativity
c) General Intelligence
d) None of These
e) All of the Above√
Network Architecture
Q1732. Network Architecture refers to the layout of the network consisting of the
hardware, software, connectivity, communication protocols and mode of
transmission, such as ____:
a) Wired
b) Wireless
c) Wired or Wireless√
d) None of These
Q1733. Which among the following is used to access the network:
a) Application Layer√
b) Presentation Layer
c) Session Layer
d) None of These
Q1734. Which among the following layer’ main function is data formats, data
encryption/decryption, data compression/decompression etc:
a) Session Layer
b) Transport Layer
c) Presentation Layer√
d) None of These
Q1735. Which layer has access to particular network services, billing functions etc:
a) Session Layer√
b) Presentation Layer
c) Transport Layer
d) None of These
Q1736. In OSI Model, OSI stands for:
a) Open Systems Interconnection√
b) Operational System Interconnection
c) Occur System Interconnection
d) None of These
Q1737. OSI model is a product of the Open Systems Interconnection effort at the
a) IBM
b) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) √
c) WTO (World Trade Organziation)
d) None of These
Q1738. Which among the following is incorrect about PAN (Personal Area Network):
a) PAN is for one person only. .
b) Example of PAN is wireless communication network.
c) Some of the PAN applications include mobile commerce
d) None of These√
Q1739. Which among the following is correct features about LAN (Local Area
a) LANs are small size networks which only covers a few buildings or a campus up to few
b) LANs are widely used to connect personal computers and workstations in company
offices,factories and universities to share resources and exchange information.
c) Example of LAN is to share printers in a Lab or in a department.
d) None of These
e) All of the Above√
Q1740. The size of a ______can cover a city whose scope is less than 100 kilometer
such as cable TV networks etc:
a) MAN√
b) LAN
c) WAN
d) None of These


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