Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #84

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #84

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If you are doing preparation for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams, come to us regularly. COMPUTER Gk  for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, LIC AO, haryana police, gram sachiv, clerk, canal patwari, HPSC etc. ।Computer General Knowledge  Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and current affairs ।. । haryana Samanyagyan ।

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #84

1661. Doing research by using an on-line database instead of a
printed set of similar information offers which of the following
a) More current information√
b) Easier to understand
c) Better charts
d) None of the above
1662. Software programs that allow you to legally copy files
and give them away at no cost are called which of the
a) Time sharing
b) Public domain√
c) Shareware
d) None of the above
1663. The term that we use to describe physical components of
the system
a) Hardware √b) Input
c) Software
d) None of the above
1664. Which of the following is used to indicate the location on
the computer monitor
a) Mouse
b) Cursor√
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
1665. Mr. Saketh needs to design invitation card. What type of
computer program is suitable?
a) MS-Word
b) Desktop Publishing√
c) Simulation
d) None of the above
1666. Which combination of keys needs to be pressed to make
a percent sign?
a) Shift+2
b) Shift+3
c) Shift+4
d) Shift+5√
1667. What process should be used to recall a document saved
a) Copy
b) Save
c) Retrieve√
d) Enter
1668. What term applies to a collection of related records in a
a) Field
b) File√
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
1669. How are data organized in a spreadsheet?
a) Rows and Columns√
b) Boxes
c) Tables
d) None of the above
1670. Which of the following mode we use to deliver e-mail
a) Postal
b) Courier
c) Computer√
d) Fax
1671. VIRUS stands for
a) Vital Information Recourse Under Siege√
b) Vital Information Reason Under Siege
c) Vital Information Recourse Under System
d) Virus Information Recourse Under Siege
1672. —— Is known as unauthorized access into others system
a) Hacking√
b) Encryption
c) Decryption
d) None of the above

Q1673. Internet’s Initial development was supported by:
b) IBM
c) Microsoft
d) None of These
Q1673. World Wide Web was proposed by:
a) Bill Gates
b) Bill Rogers
c) Tim Berners Lee√
d) None of These
Q1674. What are the uses of the Internet:
a) Communication
b) Information Retrieval
c) Presentation of Information
d) All of the Above√
Q1675. .net domain is used for:
a) educational institution
b) Internet Infrastructure and Service Providers√
c) International Organizations
d) None of These
Q1676. URL stands for:
a) Uniform Resource Locator√
b) Uniform Resource Library
c) United Resource Locators
d) None of These

Q1677. Benefits of Email are:
a) Speed
b) Cost
c) Record Keeping
d) None of These
e) All of the Above√
Q1678. WWW provides standardized access to:
c) FTP
d) None of These
e) All of the Above√
Q1679. Which among the following is not an internet browser:
a) Netscape Navigator
b) Chrome
c) Drupal√
d) Opera
Q1680. What should be minimum requirement of random access memory (RAM) for
internet access:
a) 8 MB
b) 16 MB
c) 32 MB√
d) 64 MB

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