Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #52

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #52

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If you are doing preparation for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams, come to us regularly. COMPUTER Gk  for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, LIC AO, haryana police, gram sachiv, clerk, canal patwari, HPSC etc. ।Computer General Knowledge  Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and current affairs ।. । haryana Samanyagyan ।

Microsoft PowerPoint

1021. The arrangement of elements such as Title and Subtitle
text, pictures, tables et (3) is called
(1) Layout√
(2) Presentation
(3) Design (4) Scheme
(5) None of these
1022. Which of the following are types of sound files?
(1) LOG files
(2) DAT flies
(3) WAV files√
(4) DRV files
(5) None of these
1023. Which of the following can you use to add times to the
slides in a presentation?
(1) Microsoft graph√
(2) Microsoft Table
(3) Microsoft Excel
(4) Microsoft Word
(5) None of these
1024. Which view in PowerPoint can be used to enter speaker
(1) Normal
(2) Slide show
(3) Slide sorter
(4) Notes page view√
(5) None of these
1025. The best way to insert a new slide in a presentation is to
use the
(1) Normal view
(2) Special view
(3) Slide show view
(4) Slide sorter view√
(5) None of these
1026. Which is the best view for getting your thoughts for a
presentation out on the computer?
(1) Outline view√
(2) Notes page view
(3) Slide sorter view
(4) Slide view
(5) None of these
1027. The boxes that are displayed to indicate that the text,
pictures or objects are placed in it is called……..
(1) Placeholder√
(2) Auto text
(3) Text box
(4) Word art
(5) None of these
1028. Which Of the following is not a feature of PowerPoint?
(1) Printing transparencies
(2) Printing the speakers notes along with slide images
(3) Linking a slide transition with a laser pointer√
(4) Drawing with a pen
(5) None of these
1029. Which option can be used to create a new slide show
with the current slides but presented in a different order
(1) Rehearsal
(2) Custom slider show√
(3) Slide show setup
(4) Slide show view
(5) None of these
1030.-Which of the following are actions you can assign to an
action button or slide object?
(1) Run a macro
(2) Play a sound
(3) Hyper link
(4) All of above√
(5) None of these
1031. Which option in PowerPoint allows to cany slides from
one computer to another?
(1) Save As
(2) Save and Go
(3) Pack and Go√
(4) Web and Go
(5) None of these

1032. Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show?
(1) jPg
(2) .giv
(3) .wav
(4) All of the above√
(5) None of these
1033. In Microsoft PowerPoint two kind of sound effects files
that can be added to the presentation are
(1) .wav files and .mid files√
(2) .wav files and .gif files
(3) .wav files and jpg files
(4) jpg files and .gif files
(5) None of these
1034. Material consisting -of text and numbers is best
presented as
(1) A table slide√
(2) A bullet slide
(3) A title slide
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
1035. What is a motion path?
(1) A type of animation entrance effect
(2) A method of advancing slides
(3) A method of moving items on a slide√
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
1036. What is a slide-title master pair?
(1) The title area and text area of a specific slide
(2) A slide master and title master merged into a single slide
(3) A slide master and title master for a specific design
(4) All of above
(5) None of these
1037. Which of the following should you use if you want all the
slide in the presentation to have the same “look”?
(1) the slide layout option
(2) add a slide option
(3) outline view
(4) a presentation design template√
(5) None of these
1038. in the context of animations, what is a trigger?
(1) An action button that advances to the next slide
(2) An item on the slide that performs an action when
(3) The name of a motion path
(4) All of above
(5) None of these
1039. If you have a PowerPoint show you created and want to
send using email to another teacher you can add the show to
your email message as a (an)
(1) Inclusion
(2) Attachment√
(3) Reply
(4) Forward
(5) None of these
1040. In order to edit a chart, you can
(1) Triple click the chart object
(2) Click and drag the chart object
(3) Double click the chart object√
(4) Click the chart object
(5) None of these


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