Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #51

Computer Gk For All Competitive Exams Series #51

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If you are doing preparation for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams, come to us regularly. COMPUTER Gk  for SSC, BANKS, LIC,HSSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, LIC AO, haryana police, gram sachiv, clerk, canal patwari, HPSC etc. ।Computer General Knowledge  Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and current affairs ।. । haryana Samanyagyan ।


1001. To delete an incorrect character in a document, __ to
erase to the right of the insertion point.
(1) press the left mouse key
(2) double click the right mouse key
(3) press the BACKSPACE key
(4) press DELETE key√
(5) None of these
1002. The most common subtotal used Subtotals command is
the __ function, which causes Excel to display a sum each
time the corurol field change.
(1) ADD (2) SUM√
(4) LIST
(5) None of these
1003. Be default, Excel positions text in a cell ___.
(1) left-aligned√
(2) right-aligned
(3) centered
(4) justified
(5) None of these
1004. To centre a paragraph using shortcut keys, press __.
(1) CTRL + C
(2) CTRL + E√
(3) CTRL + L
(4) CTRL + R
(5) None of these
1005. Which of the following is the latest version of Excel?
(1) Excel 2000
(2) Excel 20.02
(3) Excel ME
(4) Excel XP√
(5) None of these
1006. Which area in an Excel window allows entering values
and formulas
(1) Title Bar
(2) Menu Bar
(3) Formula Bar√
(4) Standard Tool Bar
(5) None of these
1007.How are data organised in a spreadsheet?
(1) Lines and spaces
(2) Layers and planes
(3) . Height and width
(4) Rows and columns√
(5) None of these
1008. Which of the following types of tables constraints will
prevent the entry of duplicate rows?
(1) Primary key
(2) Unique√
(3) Null
(4) Foreign key
(5) None of these
1009. Each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel document is
referred to by its cell address, which is the
(1) cell’s column label
(2) cell’s column label and worksheet tab name
(3) cell’s row label
(4) cell’s row and column la-bels√
(5) None of these

Microsoft PowerPoint

1010. To prepare a presentation/slide show which application
is commonly used ?
(1) Photoshop
(2) Powerpoint√
(3) Outlook Express
(4) Internet Explorer
(5) All correct
1011. Use the __ to choose a slide layout.
(1) Quick Styles gallery
(2) Format gallery√
(3) Layout gallery
(4) Layout collection
(5) None of these
1012. Ellipse Motion is a predefined
(1) Design template
(2) Color scheme
(3) Animation scheme√
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
1013. Block arrows, stars and ban-ners, and callouts are all
examples of
(1) Different types of children’s building blocks
(2) Auto Shape categories√
(3) Clip art categories located in the Microsoft Clip Gallery
(4) More technical terms that I don’t understand
(5) None of these
1014. We can replace a font on all slides with another font
using the …….option
(1) Edit, Fonts
(2) Tools, Fonts
(3) Tools, Replace Fonts
(4) Format, Replace Fonts√
(5) None of these
1015. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation
are called
(1) Effects
(2) Custom animations
(3) Transitions√
(4) Preset animations
(5) None of these
1016. PowerPoint can display data from which of the following
add in software of MS-Offlce
(1) Equation editor
(2) Organization chart
(3) Photo album
(4) All of these√
(5) None of these
1017. Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide
(1) F1 (2) F2
(3) F5√ (4) F10
(5) None of these
1018. Which of the following fill effects can you use for the
slide background?
(1) Gradient (2) Texture
(3) Picture
(4) All of the above√
(5) None of these
1019. Which of the following statements is not true?
(1) Holding down the Shift key while you draw an object
creates perfect squares, circles and straight lines
(2) The text in a text box can’t be formatted√
(3) The drawing toolbar contains tools for drawing shapes,
lines, arrows, and more
(4) Ctrl+ S save the document
(5) None of these
1020. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using
(1) Insert-> Chart
(2) Insert -> Pictures -> Chart√
(3) Edit -> Chart
(4) View -> Chart
(5) None of these

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